Why you should write and publish articles on HealthcareLink?

Here you can learn why it is important for you to write and publish articles on HealthcareLink. You can write or share articles & case studies on HealthcareLink at No Cost. It will be published on our popular resources and news portal and shared with our 70,000+ professional network and partner sites.



Target the Right Audience

 HealthcareLink is a professional network for healthcare and medical professionals. Others like you, who understand complex cases and can appreciate your skills and efforts.

Stand Out as Leader in Your Field

Strengthen your practice with stronger relationships with GPs and health practitioners and get more referrals.

Hiring? Be a Winning Employer

Showcase your expertise as a thought leader to attract the best professionals to join your all-star team

Be Found More Easily

Link articles back to your website and improves your relevance in Google searches for your important keywords. 

Are you a CPD Provider?

Write an article about the topics you cover and get leads to your webinar, course or event.

Consistency is the key

The more often you write, the better your profile will be. One article per month is great and remember, it's free to publish.


Accelerate your profile as an expert in your field with written articles and case studies.


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How do I start writing?


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