How do you do a Video Intro?

Getting a job in primary health can sometimes mean having to interview over the phone and this can be a difficult environment to put your best foot forward. This is why HealthcareLink has introduced the video intro feature.

Video Intro allows you to provide a 2-minute recording of yourself to prospective employers, sharing who you are, a little about your background and what are your areas of professional interest. Think of it as your 2-minute intro that you would have with anyone, only now you get to record it to replay at anytime.

The Video Intro button is located under your Profile Picture on the right side of your profile page.


To access your Profile Page, sign-in and from your Dashboard, select the drop-down menu from ‘My Profile’ and select ‘Edit Profile’.


You have two attempts to get your video intro right. Once you’ve recorded your video intro, remember to click ‘Save’.

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