How do I publish articles on HealthcareLink?

Healthcare and medical professionals signed up on HealthcareLink can publish articles to develop and strengthen your professional identity by sharing your knowledge and expertise in your job. It will be tied to your professional profile.

To publish articles on HealthcareLink, you must be logged in.

From inside the dashboard, click on the orange ‘Create an Article’ button on the top right hand side.

This is where you can write your article, with headline and body of the article.

To enhance the readability of your article and to keep the reader’s interest, you can attach a suitable image or link a video within the piece.

You can save the draft or, if you’re ready, click on the green ‘Publish’ button.


Your article will be sent for approval to our team.

Once published, it can be found on and shared on your social media networks using the ‘Share’ buttons at the bottom of the article.

For guidelines on your articles, see here.

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