How job each "job post settings" work?

This article explains each job post setting features in detail. These settings can be changed in the candidate matching criteria screen on the job post.


Allow jobseekers to send a message before apply? on this post?

If you turn this setting on, it will allow jobseekers to send message directly to you without having to apply for the job.  i.e a registered jobseeker can ask you a specific question about job vacancies via our platform. You will be emailed with the question, where you can direct a response to them via our messaging platform online.

If you turn this setting, you will not receive application email from unmatched applicants for the job post.  It will also send an auto-response to the candidate saying the job post is not a match for them hence they might not be shortlisted.  This allows you to save time in dealing with the unmatched applicant.


You can use this setting to reject taking applicants from other countries other than you have set in the criteria. For example, if you select "Australia" and "United Kingdom"  in the "Country" field, applicants from other countries cannot apply to these jobs. Please note that we use their "Country" in their online profile to determine this.

Job post will auto-refresh after 30 days before expiry to be reposted and appear on the top of the listing. If you are on monthly subscription and have monthly credit, it will use the credits to re-post. If you do not have credits it will send you an alert to add credit before it can refresh automatically.

This option is to allow you to set a time frame to receive job post updates via email. Job post updates contain information like number of views, applications summary etc. If you set the option none you will not receive any updates.


Options are:




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